Canada, Ethnic Studies and the World

edited and interviewed by Stanley Lee


Jodie Emery has been an interesting character. She’s run for public office twice provincially under the BC Green Party banner, and attempted federally once within the Liberal Party of Canada before failing to get the green light from the vetting committee. She has granted interviews to multiple media outlets after she was released from detention center from a cannabis dispensary raid in Toronto. Since then, she and her husband, Marc Emery, cannot be involved with Cannabis Culture while their lawsuit is going on.


In this interview, we’ve asked many questions that form the belief system within the Chinese newcomer community (well in fact, most communities mainstream) regarding cannabis. We hope you would enjoy this chat.



Show notes:

2:00 – background on how she got involved with fighting cannabis prohibition

6:45 – history with the Liberal Party of Canada after the promise of cannabis legalization

9:00 – legality and morality of criminality of cannabis

14:06 – ultimate goal of fighting against cannabis prohibition

15:45 – is legalized corruption to blame for the “propaganda”?

18:00 – why was she so confident that the Liberal Party of Canada will follow through with their promises

22:02 – how are law enforcement and politicians (current and former) involved in the cannabis industry


25:40 – did the ancient Chinese historically used cannabis?

29:43 – why people think marijuana is a gateway drug

32:00 – how addictive is cannabis compared to alcohol and tobacco

33:45 – cannabis and impaired driving (NHTSA research) & cannabis and lung cancer (NIH research)

39:50 – does legalization encourage more people to smoke weed?

41:30 – how to convince the public that cannabis is safe

42:50 – when should children be allowed to start using cannabis recreationally


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