Canada, Ethnic Studies and the World

edited by Stanley Lee

recorded by Stanley Lee and Yi Fang


We have sent a representative to attend the 105 Keefer hearing on May 23, 2017. There were 122 registered speakers and many attendees. So many that the city hall had to create impromptu overflow areas and hold additional hearings on May 25, 2017 and May 26, 2017. There were plenty of opposition and also supporters (see this for context) for the project. That said, we’ve discussed the project over the exaggerations and falsehoods from both sides. We hope you would enjoy listening to our conversation.



0:30 – General impressions of the hearing

3:00 – What’s the ultimate goal of the opposition?

6:00 – Did the developers offer enough concessions?

7:00 – What issues are ethnic Chinese split on?

9:00 – Business value of Chinatown (or lack of)

10:20 – Comments made by Vancouver East Member of Parliament, Jenny Kwan

10:50 – why relying on the Chinese is not sufficient to stage a successful opposition