Canada, Ethnic Studies and the World

edited by Stanley Lee

recorded by Stanley Lee and Yi Fang


We’ve just had the most exciting provincial election night in British Columbia for the ages. In this episode, we discussed the performance for all three parties and what the future holds for all of them. I hope you’ll enjoy!



0:30 – Who actually won?

1:00 – Semantics of “winning”

1:20 – Possible scenarios

2:00 – What’s next for the BC Liberals and Christy Clark regardless of the results?

3:50 – Lack of practical majorities

5:50 – Why the BC NDP doesn’t really have loyal voters

7:25 – Why the BC Green Party leveraged the anti-establishment populism

8:30 – Why the weakness with the BC NDP could hand a bigger majority to the BC Liberals

10:00 – What should the BC Greens do with this hung legislature?