Canada, Ethnic Studies and the World

edited by Stanley Lee

recorded by Stanley Lee and Yi Fang


We are heading into the final weekend before the BC election. In this episode, we discussed some food for thought about the temperature on each major parties, potential aftermath regardless of the outcomes, and how things would remain the same for average residents within the province going forward. I hope you’ll enjoy!



0:20 – How things are going heading into the final weekend

3:30 – Temperature within Chinese newcomer voting blocs

9:45 – Key lesson about elections and governance

15:00 – Chinese smearing ads (referencing how Gabriel Yiu, 3-time BC NDP candidate, saying how well it works)

17:00 – Potential consequences after the review

20:00 – Prominent BC Liberals (like Martyn Brown, former Chief of Staff to Premier Gordon Campbell, and Paul Doroshenko, former sign committee chair for Gordon Campbell’s election campaigns in Vancouver-Point Grey) telling voters to turf the BC Liberals under Christy Clark

22:30 – How to set expectations properly