Canada, Ethnic Studies and the World

edited by Stanley Lee

recorded by Stanley Lee and Yi Fang


So #iamlinda happened. Basically, BC Liberal leader and Premier Christy Clark headed to a grocery store in North Vancouver, BC with her North Shore candidates after a media event. The original purpose of the visit is likely to show how relatable Clark is to the average voter. However, when Linda approached her and told her that she wouldn’t vote for Clark, all hell broke loose…


And the editors of Neway Opinion, which are just two members of the younger electorate, discuss its dynamics with the election.



0:00 – What happened

2:00 – Optics of what happened

6:00 – Could #iamlinda be the pivotal moment of the election?

9:30 – Determinant factors of the election

15:00 – A better strategy for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals


The aftermath online has been massive, especially with the back-and-forth between both BC Liberal and BC NDP camps about whether Linda was a plant by the NDP.